The rats have been cleared out
the cats have been cleaned up
the sack’s mouth’s been cinched shut
the passports and overcoats—
still there remained that last smoothing caress

Words have been tossed about
firewood stacked
feelings were howled out
the future all tangled up
all that remained, a smoothing caress

Yet what burns me
what burns me so, your laugh,
what I remember, what haunts my every night
gently burns me
time that strolls past every day,
what so burns me
burns you too, you too…

The journey’s been sung about
yesterdays cut to size,
the posters were hanging
on their poles saying that
what is ahead is so soft and so wide

Lustfully craving and
angrily hating
courageously trying
to fool the scars of love
the moon brings your curve that smoothing caress

Yet what burns me...