Before crashing at the Park Hotel
we cram ourselves full of food.
On Knight’s Street you can almost see the knights,
girls almost in their underwear.
And it’s worth noting that we know nothing
for sure about tomorrow,
but we’re already pulling at the waitress’
apron strings with both hands.

Bring to us freedom
take our need from us,
bring us the secret to the best
potato salad in the whole world,
bring us timelessness
please bring us a pot of tea
and if you can sing anything
serve some of that as well
because you’re the most gorgeous siren.
We’re getting messages
Tonight we’ve got the strength to create songs
today it’s so simple to bring us to great heights
the stairs don’t feel at all too steep for us.
And before a sublime sleep it doesn’t hurt much that
Raadio Maria is playing in the cafeteria.
Who wouldn’t like Johnny Depp?

Before we crash at the Park
we haul ourselves over to Vanemuise Theatre
and up on Toome we drink
tequila and cola.
We have to wad up a napkin under
the other foot so we don’t
stagger where it’s slippery
since the groundskeeper hasn’t shown up with salt.