If thereís no light, then thereís no shadow around to jump over
one could try to always wish ďsunshineĒ for you.

Look, the tram driverís hands are free,
nobody notices that Uncle Artur takes photos,
just because he likes to.

The street sweeper on the next street over
has lived in Japan and speaks five
foreign languages

Do we learn who we are
or are we who we learn to be?

Itís easy to be somebody else
even if you donít like it that way

Minutes, hours, and folders and mail
Substantial things and late-night cocktails
Working all night long and going right on time
Barriers, temples, sometimes such ugly words

But one wants to live as well
it has to be pleasurable

Anu in the country and
Artur in town
Plenty of time, if
You just let it go
In fall you can pedal into the woods
the weatherís only ugly if you see it through a window

Although I donít know how to sing
I can tell stories the whole night through