How’s your private life going?
Lives that live separately.
I have not seen the latest,
I was in the country,
no, not in exile,
I’m sorry I asked you that
in such a direct way,
far better to
pull the hem of your dress
or do some other foolish thing.
To wait…

Soon you’ll pick new letters
from the alphabet,
To create words from them,
So you can visit the stars.
You have to order them cleverly into sentences.

And on the right night
You’ll sit on a broom
And fly off with a flutter,
Because now you can,
Because now you know those words.

If disappointments are the only things,
That don’t cause disappointments,
while hugging the wind, you will
couple the winters of your discontent
to the departing train engine.
And in the station’s sole cafe,
where joy’s never provided by
sad two-day-old cakes
today you’ve got the table set.
No one knows what’s coming…
To wait, to wait…