I open my zipper in front of the mirror
and let a white mouse fluff my vocal chords while changing my outfit,
Today's the premiere with everyone in the audience
This material is new and the images change quickly.

Let my talent come down
onto me so this evening
can be so magical lalalala
The stars above your heads,
they aren't really real
Let them cost what they cost
for you, let them shine in the ceiling!

The cut ribbons
a blue wagon streaming streaming ahead
A brittle Swede licks the seagate's hinges
Then the city swallows him, this horned rogue
And sneers in the night when
choirs of angels belt out a song in a refreshed corner bar.

Look at gray freedom square
the tar-bellowing regimental commander
piled Lego blocks
while catching a jester's bells
Bring me nylon wings, which
lead me into battle
Criss cross, as ordered
a false beacon stands tall
Let the checks come to me
so even if you come earlier you'll be better off
The stars above your heads, they aren't
really real
They cost whatever they cost
we strung them up in the sky for you

The cut ribbons…