Today it's so ugly out
it has to be this April's
most beautiful weather
Rooftops flying through the air
and it's a good thing
the demon's tail doesn't strike us.

Hey sweetest, today let's go
back home for a little while.
It's only half as dear to me
as your dimples, my dear,
you're everything.

Look there the ecoman beckons,
he doesn't waste a precious drop
with the weather balloon on his head
the strength of mushrooms blows him aloft

There my aunt the animal rescuer
on whose shoulder sits a cow—
When she speaks all day,
nothing is real anymore

She's your grandmother.
What's she doing on the windmill's blade?
Here she comes again
there she goes again

It's possible that
I'll remain without my ship.
Then I can drill myself
through the earth
Nobody can be
without earth or sky for long
It's good that I know your name
by heart, effortlessly.

Today it's so beautiful out.