The sailboat is our home today
The sails are booming and the arch of time stretches to eternity
The barman's polite
As brief as possible
A dream crumbles, breaks a heart
A songstress forgets a name
And mewls out a tune

Buy my destiny and cash in my night
Ripe olives fall into the nets
You sell me a knife, because tonight
I have to cut through the edges of waves
I have to cut through…

Look how the moon has come to stoop
while spitting flames at passerbys
So white…

Hey Pantos, your place is nice,
Such sheep and painted ceilings!
chefs and geckos make puppet theater –
a little break then new wines and foods come

You say that life is a flower
You're a dick, how come
the faces and braids are
Gold from a moonbeam

Buy my destiny…